Education and Early Career

An Enlightened Client:

Gustav Stickley (1858–1942)
The Simple Structural Style of Household Furniture, 1903
Greene and Greene Archives, The Gamble House, University of Southern California
This object is not on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Gustav Stickley was greatly influenced by the philosophies of such central figures of the English Arts and Crafts movement as William Morris (1834–1896) and John Ruskin (1819–1900). In 1897 Stickley founded the United Crafts in Eastwood, N.Y., putting their pronouncements to work by producing simple furniture that could be considered both useful and beautiful. The first issue of The Craftsman magazine was published in 1901 and issued monthly until the end of 1916. The magazine was established to publicize both his theories and his work. This promotional pamphlet of 1903 belonged to Charles Greene, indicating his awareness of and interest in Stickley’s forms and ideas. In 1902, Charles had collaborated with Pasadena client James Culbertson to furnish much of his house with Stickley’s designs, examples of which are shown in this pamphlet.